Guide to play Highway Kings slot game

Slot machine games are played by numerous of people in these days.  Online casino players have various options to choose best slot game. Free and real money version games offered by online site to the players. Highway Kings has a wide range of fans nowadays. From the play tech video suite, you play five reel video game. While playing the game you get to sound like an 80s road movie. The slot machine game is avail with the theme of the road. Playtech slots make you play the game to earn more credits. This casino game is characterized with cartoon graphics. Players have to refreshing symbols on the playing cards.  Online betting sits offers the various winning opportunity to the players.

An important factor of the game:

This online casino game has 9 paylines and 5 reels which designed by Playtech. There are lots of trucks in the game consider as major attractions.  In this game, wild symbols in the red truck and rewarding themes exist in the game.  In 2, 3 and 4 reels each symbol and doubles offers winning combination to the players. Exhaust pipe refers to scatter; you acquire 2 to5 symbols on the reels.   Based on the paytable players have to pay the amount for lines.  Yellow dollar ball options activate on deciding game which is on top of the screen.  Moreover, you have to choose numbers from 5 out of 49, if the selected matched on the upper bar then reward offered on the jackpot automatically. More playtech Slots free offers more slot machine game to the players in online.


Winning the game:

In the game, players find eleven symbols, each symbol represent various pay values. Few symbols on the game are payouts combination.  Icons are involved on the steering wheel, blot, tire, pair of dice, jump led and much more. Three combinations of trucks are in the game such as yellow, green and red.  The red truck is considered as a major symbol for playing the game.  On playing the game, two symbols to match that helps to earn credits on the reels. Red truck substitute for all symbols that assist to wins pays.  Scatter is on rightmost of the reel and offers multiple winning options to the players.  So, choose the best line to play the online casino game and enjoy a lot on the online portal.